Tradeshow logistics & warehousing—another Ellcom service

SPE_6228_edit webOur clients see tradeshows as a way to see potential customers face to face. Meeting them and sharing information at a show doesn’t have to go through the media or some new app. It’s just you and your customers, making connections.

Through our years of putting together tradeshows for clients, we’ve tried to be smart about resources – reusing materials, keeping themes continuous from show to show. We also had staff with experience in logistics and realized that using our skills and ample space to warehouse tradeshow material made sense. We know the companies we work for, their products, what goes where, so why not organize tradeshow goods and ship them where they’re needed?

We like to help make sure those well laid and expensive plans for tradeshows turn into success stories. Whether it’s planning a show from start to finish, creating a 3D sketch of booth space, arranging for booth setup, carpet laying, rigging, whatever is needed, plus creating your communication material, we can do that.

We inventory, house, maintain, ship and receive items used for marketing at tradeshows – from keychains to equipment weighing tons. The companies we work for pay storage fees like they would anywhere. They get the benefit of not paying or training full-time staff to run this warehouse, but yet they have us on call for their warehousing needs.

Storing tradeshow gear with our warehouse has advantages for our clients. For one, there’s no better way to make sure the right equipment is sent with the right marketing and branding material than to have the ones who planned it, pallet it. Our clients can file orders through a handy online system that shows them their inventory, or just call us to say, “Remember that really pretty wall we used six months ago in New York? I want that next week in Las Vegas.”

SPE_6099_edit webWe not only provide economical storage but can clean and touch up displays and products so that they arrive looking showroom ready, with minimal prep on the show site. We strive to have goods arrive only needing to unwrap and maybe put a final shine on them.

We keep detailed records for every piece of your inventory, and we can provide tracking so that everyone in your company knows where something is at, and when it’ll be available for the next show.

Realizing that tradeshows are a way for you to put your best face forward, we’re happy to help in all aspects of that process.  From the fun show concepts all the way to the booth space … and the trucks that get everything there.




Sara Schmuck is an Account Manager, and the Managing Editor of Client Publications, for Ellenbecker Communications.

Client appreciation event at Ellcom

Round Lake Tank Testing 0224

Photo credit Justin Lessman/Jackson County Pilot.

Although Ellenbecker Communications enjoys its renown as an international marketing firm with a clientele that includes a number of global manufacturers, we have a special affection for our local clients. Living in the same rural community, supporting each other, improving life for our children and their futures together—that interdependence creates a bond.

That’s why I was so happy for the opportunity to celebrate that relationship during the Ellcom Client appreciation night Friday, Feb. 19. It was long overdue, an opportunity for us to show our gratitude to clients.

In this case you could say we shared more than “roots.” Part of the night included a somewhat rare event: a private tank-tasting from the Round Lake Vineyards & Winery, whose retail store and tasting room is right beneath our Ellcom offices.

My career as a marketing consultant is grounded in manufacturing—production processes, packaging, sales structures and brand. My life in advertising, my devotion to Ellcom, actually has a lot to do with the winery.

Wine making is a nice metaphor for how the Ellcom team embraces your businesses marketing needs. No matter what the project, no matter which person is in charge, it’s an entire team of enthusiastic collaborators, each passionately contributing their own talents and skills to the final quality blend. From project management to content generation and copywriting down to graphic design and publishing—you need to see this firsthand as I do. Feel free to stop in anytime to experience the energy that keeps me so proud to be associated with them as president of Ellenbecker Communications.



Scott Ellenbecker is the president and owner of Ellenbecker Communications.