Behind the scenes of a brainstorming session

This is the first time we’ve shared photos of our downstairs conference room, the one we use when we have larger meetings. These photos are from a recent brainstorming session. Like many of you, we are getting ready for the 2014 CONEXPO-CON/AGG. This enormous conference and expo is held only every three years, and preparation starts more than a year out.

We’ve been working on the planning for this event for a few months already, even though the show is still 11 months away. And the creative aspects that will go into every aspect of a client’s booth, pre-show marketing and advertising must be nailed down soon, so we’re all spending a little extra time to make sure that we’ve truly investigated every idea that any member of the team can come up with. The finished product must reflect the very best that we can imagine—and we promise that it will!

In the first photo you see us getting the least viable ideas out of the way early in the process. Having fun and letting ourselves be a little goofy stimulates the creative juices and helps us all quit worrying about whether our idea is “the one” or not. As everyone in a creative field well knows, if you don’t give yourself permission to have a bad idea, you’ll never have a good idea.

The second photo shows us in the middle of the process. Matt is wandering around out of the shot, as he is largely unable to think unless he’s moving. Liz is also standing up, getting a little restless, and Laura and Kyle are already at the chin-stroking stage. Everyone is listening to Sara, who you’ll see on the laptop screen, participating via Skype. Joe is behind the camera….

The downstairs conference room will host many more of these intense meetings before we have the CONEXPO creative nailed down for one of our largest clients. We look forward to seeing you at the show, in Las Vegas March 4-8, 2014. By then, we’ll be free to share more of the details!