Face to Face

Sara Schmuck is the Managing Editor of Client Publications for Ellenbecker Communications.

People who work with me know I work just fine alone. I sit at my desk checking facts and guidelines, editing texts, finding placement for our news and planning publication content. Did I mention alone?

I had a rare opportunity to work as a tag team with colleague Joe Bradfield last week. While some people cringe at the thought of a “group project” this little partnership was welcome. I got out of the editor’s chair and together we visited the site of our client’s customer in order to get a testimonial story for our magazine, Mining & Construction USA. It was exciting to see the equipment in action and to talk face to face with people who help us do our job of communicating.

I think it’s a job we do very well. We know the right questions to ask. We know how to ask them. We take the time to know the industry and our audience. We write and we photograph. Sometimes in the marketing world people get caught up in trends (1 in 3 tablet owners brings his mobile device into the bathroom) but don’t you agree that old fashioned teamwork and communicating is the heart of a job well done? When the article goes to press you’ll see some beautiful photos and learn a little more about a company while being softly sold on the equipment.

Although I can do most of my work while comfortably planted in front of my computer screen, getting a little dusty made for a good day’s work for this editor. I hope it shows in the end product.

Behind the scenes at Ellcom

Conference RoomIn our first blog post we shared a couple of photos of our new building—the downstairs kitchen and lounge area. In this post we’re finally moving on to the upstairs offices.

The first photo shows Scott leading a project meeting in our second floor conference room. Looks like a fairly complicated project, because it includes representatives from most of the agency’s workgroups!

Scott's Office

The second photo is a nice shot of Scott’s office. To the left are windows through which a visitor could see the vineyard and the horse pasture, and the window to the right overlooks the koi pond—one of the few in rural Minnesota, we are told.

We’ll try to get photos of the rest of the office areas in the next few weeks—Diane’s office, the tradeshow area, Matt and Liz’s workgroup area, Joe’s outpost, Laura’s corner, and all the rest.