Announcing expanded event management capabilities!

We’ve added staff and facilities to expand our event and tradeshow management capabilities, and we’d like to tell you how these changes will enable us to do more for you.

As you know, we moved into our new offices on May 11, which gives us ample room for growth. What you may not know is that about one-third of the new building’s cubic area is dedicated to warehouse space. This gives us the ability to warehouse tradeshow booths, promotional signage and event materials for our clients. Our location on Interstate 90, right between Interstate highways 29 and 35, gives us access to the nation’s major east-west and north-south transportation arteries and simplifies shipping.

Jenny Ellenbecker, who manages our events and tradeshow activities, has recently hired a couple of outstanding professionals for her staff, and we’d like to introduce you to them.

DanielleDanielle Brower joins the team as our new events coordinator. She will be working very closely with Jenny to plan and organize tradeshows and other events, as well as actively managing these events for our clients. Most recently, Danielle was in charge of electronic data processing for a local bank. Her organizational capabilities were given plenty of scope in her work on the county board of the American Cancer Society, where she organized events, recruited speakers and helped direct one of the state’s most successful fundraising branches. She comes to us with a degree in accounting.

Kyle Vos






Kyle Vos is our new warehouse/maintenance manager, where his duties will include freight and shipping and inventory management as well as equipment and display refurbishment for our clients. He was a carpenter for 12 years in the extremely competitive Minneapolis/St. Paul housing market, where his focus was on high-end custom home building. For the past 5 years Kyle has been a contractor in the local area. We expect Kyle’s background in the building trades to make a key contribution to the maintenance of client display materials warehoused in our new facility.

Profiles for Danielle and Kyle are posted on the “Who we are” page.

Welcome to the Ellcom Grapevine

Ellcom Building

Welcome to the inaugural post to the new Ellcom Grapevine blog! We’ve been putting the final touches on a lot of things lately—a new building, a new website, and we’re even adding new members to the Ellcom team. We hope that this blog will make it easier for our clients and other friends to keep track of what we’re up to.

“Grapevine” is more than a reference to the informal spreading of news. Most of you know that Scott and Jenny also own a vineyard, which some of us can see from our office windows. And in honor of that vineyard, and the wine we all look forward to sampling with you one day, we decided to christen this blog the Ellcom Grapevine.

Office Kitchen

Office LoungeWe’ve promised a number of you photos of our new offices because they are, to borrow a terribly overused word, awesome. (Especially if you’ve seen our previous offices!) We won’t burden you with too many photos right now, but we did want to show off our reception and lounge areas.

The first photo shows the kitchen area, which you’ll see on your left as you come in the front door. In this particular shot, you see our graphic artist, Laura, on one of her infrequent breaks. The second photo shows Danielle relaxing in the lounge area. This lounge/conversation area is to your right as you enter.

Next week, we’ll share some photos of the upstairs where we all work.