How much PR will you send out this month?

Matt Fueston is an Account Manager for Ellenbecker Communications, and is responsible for new business development.

Clients often want to know how many press releases and other types of PR their agency will be sending out each month. The answer is, “As much as possible.” There are two constraints on the quantity of PR one can send out. One is client communication and the other is relevance to the media.

Stated simply, the client must communicate all potential news leads to their agency in a timely manner, or provide access to those who may have the stories and don’t recognize that they have a story to tell. Also, the story must be relevant to the media—a reputable agency will not send a story to a publication that is not appropriate for their audience, or that is merely a marketing message. It must be of interest to their readers.

And when it comes to scheduling, the simple rule is that all press want the story as soon as they can get it. Manipulation of the news flow—by “holding” a story so that an artificial quota of stories goes out each month, for example, serves no purpose but to irritate the media. The only appropriate reason to hold a story is if the story is not time-sensitive and the agency is trying to keep from overwhelming the publication with more stories than they can use in their current issue.

At its best, PR is just another source for real news. If the story has value to the reader and is pitched at the right time, it will get ink.